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Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist →

I love food, I have food pictures here, but I have never sat in a restaurant and taken several pictures of my food that I get. I have only snapped 2 pictures of food I got at a restaurant. They were quick pictures. I hate it that these idiotic people on the internet that call themselves food experts and food critics and foodies that have to sit there, slow service down, and take 500 pictures of ONE FUCKING DISH! Get your head out of your ass. Maybe it is because I have restaurant experience, 12 years of it so far, that I actually have respect for the restaurants and know what they are going through and do what I can to make their job easy. You are there to eat and have fun. Don’t spoil it for everyone else because your phone and food pictures are more important. Learn about restaurants and food and service before you do this bullshit. Gordon Ramsay has a no cell phone policy in his restaurants. I believe everyone should have that policy. 

Types of Metalheads

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Best kitchen advice →

This will help explain to people who don’t work in professional kitchens what it is like to work in one. I did this for 11 years. It is not for everyone.

Back to work

Well time to go back out on the river. See you all again in 28 Days.


Norse Mythology Artwork

Heimdallr & Frigga
Thor & Loki
Odin & Freyja
Odin, Sleipnir, Geri, Freki, Huginn & Muninn
Sif & Freyr
Skadi & Idunna
Tyr & Sigyn

Artwork by Aerion

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