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Well back to work

Well back to work on the towboat for the next 28 days so I won’t be posting much for awhile. See you all soon.

thefreaksfreak asked: Do you honor your Ancestors? If so, how?


Well I first honor them by being proud of my name and family. Second I honor my grandmother by having her initials tattooed in an honorary  tattoo on my left shoulder. I also put flowers on the graves when I can and every Samhain, Feast of Einherjar aka November 11th, and Walburg aka april 30th, I honor them by sharing some mead or ale with them by pouring it out on the ground. I do these things when I can because sometimes I am at work on the towboat when they fall. 

blackmetal-cowboy asked: You seem to know a lot about Odinism and stuff. i'm really interested myself(: but i cant seem to believe in any religion at all to be honest. but i love studying religion, especially pagan ones. really the only thing i wanted to ask though is what do you believe?(:


I myself am Asatru and belive in the Norse. I try and live by the 9 noble virtues and honor my ancestors. I do believe in life after death as in ghosts and reincarnation, whereas Asatru are told about Valhalla and all the places we go when we die. I view it as kind of our choice. If I am offered one of those places, one of the halls, I would take it. If not, I would love to come back again in a different time and body. 

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